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Why I started Natural Dyeing..

#myrepairproject started earlier this year , when I acknowledged the effect which my work as a Textile Artist was having on the Environment.

It was easy for me to see how the fashion industry was impacting negatively  on the planet but I had failed to question the effect of the fabrics, dyes and chemicals I and other textile artists were using .

To go some way towards remedying this situation , I decided to embark on a series of Art Works which would be Environmentally friendly and document it on Instagram @violetshirran

The first phase of this project involved sourcing ethically produced Cottons , Linens, Silks and Vintage Fabrics.

I bought fabrics from vintage stores , Organic stores and used silks from old saris I had brought back from India. This wasn't a chore for me as there is nothing I like better than rumminging around second hand store to find old table napkins or table cloths. I have been really lucky to find some great suppliers of old linen sheets on the internet too.

The second phase involved dyeing my fabrics with Natural dyes and  the results have been spectacular .

 I have been documenting this process on my Instagram account under the hashtag #myrepairproject.

Here's a quick video of some of the work I'm doing. I'm loving the results you can get from using Onions, Avocados, Pomegranate, Dandelions, Nettles.. even tea!

The third phase  has just started and  involves creating work using my Eco Friendly fabrics to create my art.

This part I am calling "The repair Service". I am inviting people to recall sentences / words that were said to them that they felt impacted negatively on their life or limited them in some way .   ( "Boys don't pick Flowers" said to Danny as a young boy) I will embroider the words , darn them , patch them and in that way "Repair " the damage.

I'll be asking for your help with this soon......I'll Keep you posted!!

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