"Chainies" Project

This series of pieces was created during the travel restrictions of Covid-19. No longer able to drive to the beach for my daily walks I had to find an alternative route locally. I began walking in local fields and delight in rediscovering what my locality had to offer.I began to look forward to exploring the hedgerows and discovering little pieces of pottery in the freshly ploughed fields. I remembered my mother said she collected and played with them as a child and called them "Chainies" . This series is very much about looking back and looking inward, remembering my own childhood spent playing in fields and imagining my mother doing the same. 

The red "running stitch" represents my wanderings and the "Chainies" are sewn on with red thread at regular intervals like a treasure map. There is a calmness and meditativeness to this series brought about by my daily walks and the repetative stitches.