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The Repair Project
This one minute video gives a brief description of what #myrepairproject is all about and why I started it. 
Got a bit more time?
Why not take the time out to watch this beautiful 3 minute video? 

My Repair Project

The Repair Project began in 2018. Prior to this, I had failed to question the impact my textile work, fabrics, dyes, and chemicals were having on the planet. To go some way towards remedying this, and highlight environmental issues, I decided to endeavor to create Art that was environmentally friendly and to document my journey on Instagram.

The first phase of the Repair Project involved sourcing vintage and sustainable fabrics.

The second phase involved me learning how to dye my vintage fabrics with Natural dyes:  I did this through a combination of researching in books, contacting other natural dyers and a masterclass in Amsterdam. 

Natural Dyed Fabric
Some great browns from onion, iron, tea
Natural dyed Fabrics

The third phase involved what I called Emotional Repair.

I invited people, through social media, to give me sentences/words that were said to them when they were young that they felt impacted negatively on their lives. I invited them to pass those unwanted negative words on to me and I would symbolically repair them, through embroidery, darning, and patching using my natural dyed fabrics. In this way, I brought together the Environmental and Emotional repair. 

It has been an honour and a privilege to be entrusted with these words and I hope I have done them justice. 

You are too sensetive
_Don't sing, it's embarassing
Repairing negative statements
Working on #myrepairproject _Linen dyed
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