The Repair Project 
This one minute video gives a brief description of what #myrepairproject is all about and why I started it. Please take a minute ( literally) to check it out! 
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My Repair Project

#myrepairproject started last year when I acknowledged the effect of the textile industry on the Environment.

It was easy for me to see how the fashion industry was impacting negatively on the planet but I had failed to question the effect of the fabrics, dyes and chemicals I and other textile artists were using.

To go some way towards remedying this situation, I decided to embark on a series of Art Works which would be Environmentally friendly and I decided to document it on Instagram @violetshirran



The first phase of this project involved sourcing ethically produced Cottons, Linens, Silks and Vintage Fabrics.

I bought fabrics from vintage stores and eco-friendly stores but now  I am mostly using vintage linen, which I get from specialist suppliers. The linen's come to me frayed, darned and sometimes patched. 



The second phase involved dyeing my fabrics with Natural dyes and the results have been spectacular.

 I have been documenting this process on my Instagram account  under the hashtag #myrepairproject.

I have seen a great response to my natural dyeing and feel that it is part of a wider movement where people wish to become more eco-friendly in their everyday life. I have learned so much in the last year about natural dyeing and its sustainability and variety.



The third phase  involves Emotional repair

This part I am calling "The repair Service". I am inviting people to recall sentences/words that were said to them that they felt impacted negatively on their life or limited them in some way.   "You are too wild", "You are too sensitive" "You are worthless" are just some of the statements sent to me. 

I invited people to pass those unwanted negative words on to me and I offered to symbolically " Repair" them through darning, patching and embroidering them on to my natural dyed fabrics. In this way, I am bringing the environmental repair and Emotional repair together in my artwork. I hope that the process of passing the words on to be repaired will negate their negative impact and allow people to move on, leaving the words behind It has been an honour to be entrusted with these words and I treat them with the utmost respect. 


If you would like to get involved please go to my instagram page and DM me

.  You do not have to explain your words , simply leave the sentence for me to repair. I will treat these words with the utmost respect.

I have begun to embroider the words and am getting tremendous feedback through Instagram  

My aim is to exhibit the pieces in 2019.